Khair Beautique’s most frequently asked questions.

  • Will I be charged a Custom Tax?

    Dependent on your location, there may be a Custom Tax charged on arrival in your country. Unfortunately this is out of our hands. If you make a note on your order form, we can put a low amount on the invoice to avoid Custom Tax charges


  • How many bundles do I need?

    For hair lengths between 12” and 18”, the Khair Beautique specialist team recommend using 3 bundles of hair.
    For hair lengths 20”+: Khair Beautique recommend that you purchase 4+ bundles. We recommend more hair bundles for longer lengths as the width of the hair track is shorter. 4+ bundles will ensure a voluminous and full look.
    Although we recommend 3 bundles of hair when using a closure or a frontal system, it is important to note that longer hair pieces have shorter wefts, and therefore you will need more than 3 bundles to create a full look. We recommend for hair lengths longer than 20” that you use 4-5 bundles.

  • Can I cancel/amend my order?

    Once you place your order, this purchase is final and we are unable to cancel/amend your order details.

  • Why can I find grey hairs in my hair?

    Khair Beautique supplies only Grade 8A virgin hair extensions in their natural state. Although we try to remove all grey hairs before sending to our customers, these grey hairs are natural and some may not have been picked up.

  • Can I colour/dye my Khair Beautique hair extensions?

    As our hair is Grade 8A Virgin hair, the hair is suited for any dye colour. We recommend purchasing our barbie blonde bundles if you intend to dye hair colours such as blue, green, grey and pink.

  • Why does my hair vary in colour?

    Please note that as all of our hair extensions are VIRGIN extensions, this means that no dyes or chemicals have been applied to achieve the colour of our hair pieces. Therefore, our products may vary in colour. However, if purchasing multiple hair pieces, we will make all attempts to match hair colours as best as possible.

  • How do we measure hair lengths?

    Our straight hair extensions are measured in their natural form, but our body wave and deep curly hair pieces are measured by stretching them out. If you are intending to have longer hair with either our body wave or deep curly hair extensions, we recommend that you purchase hair 4-6 inches longer to ensure you achieve your desired look.

  • How much hair do I get in each bundle?

    Irrespective of hair type and origin, each of our bundles weigh 3.5oz or 100g. We measure our hair by length and weight, and therefore we cannot provide any exact measurements for the length of the weft.